Trial of Edward Daly

prisoner number twenty-one



DATE: 3 May 1916

LOCATION: Richmond Barracks

JUDGES: Brigadier-General C.G. Blackader (President), Lieutenant Colonel G. German, Lieutenant Colonel W.J. Kent



‘Did an act to wit did take part in an armed rebellion and in the waging of war against His Majesty the King, such act being o such a nature as to be calculated to be prejudical to the Defence to the Realm and being done with the intention and for the purpose of assisting the enemy’


PLEA: Not guilty


(The members of the court and witnesses were duly sworn in)


VERDICT: Guilty. Death by being shot


Text of Trial




1st witness

Lieu. Halpin 3rd Sherwood Forresters being duly sworn states.

I was arrested opposite the Four Courts on Monday April 24 and I was taken into the Four Courts and detained in Custody until the Saturday following. I first saw the accused on Thursday April 27, he was armed, and in uniform. I don’t know if he was in authority. There was firing from the Four Courts while I was there.


Cross examined by the accused.

I first saw the accused in the room in which I was detained and he asked if I was properly treated and on the second occasion he told me there was a danger of the wing in which I was being shelled and he had me removed. On the third occasion he asked me if I had my meals and bedding all right.

The witness withdraws


2nd witness

Lieut A. P. Lindsay 5th Bn Inniskillen Fusiliers being duly sworn states.

I was arrested on Tuesday April 25 by the rebels at the Four Courts and was fired on prior to arrest. Another officer with me was wounded (Lord Dunsany).

We were both taken into the Four Courts and confined there. I saw the accused during my confinement. I did not see the accused giving any orders. I saw him on Thursday, Friday and Saturday and had conversation with him. On Saturday I was informed that Commandant Daly wanted to see me and I went down to see him. Commandant Daly is the accused. He said he intended to make a counter attack as the position was hopeless. I told him it was useless and that he had better surrender. He said that he could not surrender without orders from his superior.


Cross examined by the accused.

He told me he had had a conference with the officers and that a counter attack had been decided upon. He also said that he did not expect anyone who took part in this counter attack would come back alive. He said the object of making this counter attack was to save the lives of as many people as possible in the building.


The witness withdraws


Prosecution closed.


The accused calls no witnesses and makes the following statement.

The reason I pleaded “Not guilty” was because I had no dealings with any outside forces. I had no knowledge of the insurrection until Monday morning April 24. The officers including myself when we heard the news held a meeting and decided that the whole thing was foolish but that being under orders we had no option but to obey.


Statement ends.