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John Conway

Save 16 Moore Street Committee

1970-1985: Maintained active, principled, peaceful but robust resistance to the occupation of Crossmaglen Rangers’ grounds, Crossmaglen and the wider South Armagh area by the British Army and Secret Service.

1986-1990: Liaised with Tess Kearney R.I.P (Secretary) and Matt Doyle (Asst. Secretary) of the National Graves Association to successfully campaign to prevent the elimination and “building-across” of O’Rahilly parade. Led campaign to have the “the O’Rahilly’s” death place on the footpath outside my pub, “The O’Rahilly” at 26 Moore Street permanently recognised and commemorated. Since the formation of the “Justice For The Forgotten” committee and continuingliaising with Margret Irwin (director of “Justice For The Forgotten”) in the campaign to achieve justice for the victims of the Dublin and Monaghan bombing atrocities.

Since the occurrence (in 1974) of the bombing of Dublin and Monaghan by elements of the British State, I have been campaigning to have the British State accept guilt for the bombings, apologise, and pay appropriate compensation. As part of this ongoing campaign I persuaded Yorkshire T.V’s “First Tuesday” to carry out what was, in 1990, and still is, the only thorough, impartial, investigation into these atrocities by the medium of the making of a “drama-documentary” which, prima facie, established that on the balance of probabilities, if not quite beyond reasonable doubt, the bombings were carried out by identified loyalist “mules”, working directly for the British “security” services.

In 2004, I was asked by Matt Doyle, who had assumed the secretaryship of the National Graves Association on the sad passing of Tess Kearney, to join in the effort to save 16 Moore Street, for which full Planning Permission had been granted by Dublin City Council and endorsed by An Bord Pleanala (in 1999) to be demolished as part of a new “Millenium Centre” development. I accepted the invitation and helped with the effort to achieve this objective and in the process I proposed the co-option to our committee of Jimmy Herron, Patrick Cooney, and Mark Price, which was duly effected.

The endeavours of this committee to achieve this objective involved convincing first the Members and subsequently the Management of Dublin City Council to appoint a leading firm of conservation architects whose terms of reference were to conduct a detailed examination of the project of appropriately commemorating the events which transpired in Moore Street in the latter days of Easter Week 1916 and which were seminal to the creation of our State, while at the same time giving due weight to the pressing need to regenerate the northern sector of the main thoroughfare of our capital city. Our Save 16 Committee, the Members of Dublin City Council and the Management of Dublin City Council were overwhelmingly impressed with the form and the substance of the report which was produced by the conservation consultancy, to the extent that the document was actually proposed and unanimously voted by Dublin City Council to form the basis of a textbook to be circulated to every school in Ireland. This report and the subsequent regeneration proposal by Chartered Land Ltd was improved and endorsed by An Bord Pleanala and now forms the basis of what is proposed by the Irish nation in terms of commemorating the place of No. 16 Moore Street in Irish History and also what is proposed for the regeneration of the North O’Connell Street area of our capital city in the scheme known as “Dublin Central”.

John Conway  29th August 2011

O'Rahilly Pub - 1986 - Owned by John Conway

O’Rahilly Pub – 1986 – Owned by John Conway