Dublin Central and Moore Street National Monument – Oral Hearing 2009

As indicated in our submissions during the planning process, Save 16 is broadly supportive of the proposal contained in the Dublin Central scheme to restore No.16 and preserve it as a visitor centre dedicated to the 1916 Rising. We note that the context in which the building will be preserved is acceptable, in view of the proposal to retain adjoining buildings No.s 14, 15 and 17; the scaling down of the adjacent new buildings on Moore Street; and the setting back of the main volume of the Dublin Central scheme at a suitable distance to the rear of No.s 14 – 17.

Save 16 notes the proposal to restore No.16 Moore Street in such a way that any alterations and interventions will comply with the DoEHLG Guidelines for the Protection of Architectural Heritage, and will be carried out in such a way as to avoid negative impact on the character of the Protected Structure. Save 16 regards the proposed alterations to the basements and existing rear elevations of No.s 14 – 17, the proposed gable extension to No.17, and the proposed rear extension to No.14 as appropriate and sensible interventions which, if carried out according to the drawings and documents prepared by Shaffrey Associates, Architects, will help to properly integrate the Protected Structures into the new context of the proposed development.

Having regard to the commonly felt desire that this area be redeveloped after a long period during which it has fallen into dereliction, and having so far failed to receive a commitment from the State or its agents to have No.16 taken into State care, Save 16 regards the proposed development, including the works which are proposed on the area of the National Monument, as a viable means of securing the principal objective of the Committee (as outlined in the first sentence above), and as an acceptable resolution of the competing social and heritage needs of the area. Save 16 believes that the current condition of the area does not respect the sacrifice made by the men and women who fought and died here in 1916.

This decision was reached also having regards to the primacy of the importance of the building No.16 itself (as opposed to the rear gardens of No.s 14 – 17) in the story of the Rising.